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Perfecting Smiles with Kids Braces

Dental braces help in aligning and straightening the teeth at an early age. Positioning teeth to perfectly match each child’s bite increases dental health and helps to boost confidence with a healthy, beautiful smile.

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Benefits of Getting Orthodontic Braces for Your Child

Aligned Teeth

The braces designed by us will fix what nature forgot to. Your child will have perfectly aligned teeth that they can flash with confidence.

Perfect Smile

Happy kids are the best! Braces can give your little one a perfect smile. With perfect looking teeth, your child gets the freedom to smile the way they like and with confidence.

Apart from having a positive impact on your child's personality and confidence, braces can provide the following benefits:

Prevent Dental Injuries

Protruding teeth have a high chance of breaking or being chipped accidentally. As braces set the perfect alignment for your child, the chances of dental injuries reduce.

Better Digestion

Misaligned teeth can create problems for your child when it comes to chewing food properly. Inadequate chewing of food can lead to indigestion.

Improved Speech

The better the alignment of the teeth, the clearer the speech will be. While speaking, the tongue moves against the roof of the mouth, and the front teeth help in creating the desired sounds. Misaligned teeth can create a lisp or other speech impediments

About Best Smile Orthodontist​

Dr Amrik Manku, a professional orthodontist for over 30 years, realises the power of a perfect smile. He and his expert team strive to make the whole experience very comfortable for their patients. Specialising in correcting facial and dental irregularities for children as well as adults, Best Smile Orthodontist is perfect for you and your family. Best Smile Orthodontist specialises in providing traditional and ceramic braces, and Invisalign to rectify the misaligned teeth.








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