Clear Braces

Clear Braces Sydney


Ceramic or clear braces for adults straighten your teeth the same way that traditional metal braces do, but with one difference – they are the same colour as your teeth.

Clear braces are the same size and shape as metal braces, except that they are tooth coloured, so they blend in with your smile. They are made from a clear, transparent ceramic material, so these almost invisible braces are less visible to others, which make them a popular choice.


Invisible braces for adults from Best Smiles Orthodontist are popular among our patients from the Fairfield and Glenfield areas who want to improve their smiles without the stigma of traditional braces. Invisible braces blend beautifully with your teeth by using self-ligating clips to eliminate the need for elastic bands. This improves patient comfort, reduces visits, and ensures your clear braces stay beautiful throughout treatment.

What are the benefits of clear braces?

Clear braces and clear aligners are generally preferred for their aesthetically pleasing properties, as well as:

  • Reduced risk of staining on teeth.
  • They are just as strong as traditional braces.
  • Since they are less obvious, patients find they are less anxious regarding the length of their treatment.
  • The difference between clear braces and traditional braces is purely aesthetic. They function the same way that traditional braces work by using an archwire that tightens, which strengthens the teeth.

Clear braces, like everything in the orthodontics field, are custom tailored to each patient for their specific teeth alignment treatment. The cost of your braces will vary depending on the severity of your oral condition. Heavily compacted teeth will need more time to move into an acceptable position and will require more consultations and tightening appointments.

Do clear braces stain?

If patients don’t take good care of their clear braces, they can start to stain and discolour. Knowing what not to do can help patients prevent stains from occurring. Dr Manku has put together some tips to help avoid the issue:

  • After you eat, brush your teeth. This ensures the colours and flavours of your food have washed off effectively, leaving your mouth fresh and clean.
  • Floss your teeth and invisible braces or clear aligners regularly. This can help remove food particles that may accumulate, which not only helps reduce staining, it can help reduce the build-up of plaque and bacteria.
  • Don’t smoke. Smoking is a very unsafe practice that can stain your braces and your teeth. The Nicotine gives your clear braces a yellowish shade.
  • Avoid highly pigmented foods and drinks. This can include drinks like red wine, cola, and coffee, which can ruin the colour of your braces.

These stains can be permanent, and you may need to change your bands more frequently. You may also need a whitening treatment when your braces come off.

Patients may try to correct stains by using whitening toothpaste. This is a big no-no. Patients with clear braces shouldn’t use this type of toothpaste as it will make the brackets of the braces white. This will cause spotting on the teeth. Instead, use regular toothpaste after every meal.

Do you want the same technology to straighten your teeth as traditional metal braces, but want to do it more discreetly?

Clear braces are a less visible option and will fix more serious dental issues. To book in a consultation click here, or call our family friendly team on ph. (02) 9070 7342.

Are clear braces better than metal braces?

Up until recently, the answer to this question was no. Today, however, orthodontics has become a bit more advanced and will now allow patients to chew sugar-free gum. Today’s braces are made of more durable materials, and the risk of chewing gum is lessened.

Chewing sugar-free gum can help prevent plaque build-up and helps to expel acids produced by the bacteria. The chewing motion can strengthen the tooth enamel by delivering more calcium, phosphate, and fluoride into the mouth.

For a full list of what to eat and what to avoid, contact our family friendly team today.

Like with normal braces, you can play sports with clear braces. Just be careful of contact with your face/mouth area. If you are playing contact sports, consider wearing a custom fitted mouth guard. Dr Manku can recommend a custom-made mouthguard that can be worn.

If you are interested in getting straighter teeth using clear braces or clear aligners or want a consultation to learn about our other services, either call us on (02) 9070 7342 or contact us through our website here.

Clear braces and metal braces will both achieve the same result; a beautiful and healthy smile. The main benefit of ceramic braces is that they are more discreet as they match the colour of the tooth. Your orthodontist may suggest one or the other, based on your treatment; however, it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

As ceramic braces tend to cost more than their traditional metal counterparts, many patients opt to have ceramic brackets on the top visible teeth and metal brackets on the lower hidden teeth. This is a cost-effective and popular option for those who are concerned about the overall price of their treatment but still want to have their appliance discretely.